Catamaran MPK 9.60

600 hp
30/45 knots

Configuration for all modifications of Multifunctional Platform-Catamaran (MPK – 9.6). Description of fiberglass part (GRP) of MPK – 9.6

The hull is monolithic GRP based on reinforcing quadroaxial, biaxial and 0/90 fiberglass clothes and polyester adhesive.
Deck is GRP of mixed type: monolith + sandwich with PVC filler.
Bridge is GRP sandwich, with PVC filler, 100 mm thick and with specific density 120-130 kg/ m³
Hatches and covers are made from GRP – sandwich with PVC filler.
Console is monolithic GRP.

Description of side balloons.

Polyethylene – expanded, with rigid chemical stitching, with specific density of 33 kg/ m³.
Outer shell is neoprene or hypolone, with weight characteristic 1100 – 1200 g/m².

Description of electrical parts of MPK – 9.6., including console.
٭When propulsion machinery is installed at Vineta Ltd.
Navigation and parking lights (LED).
Front spotlight (LED).
Siren (fog horn).
Magnetic compass with rose having diameter of 60-80 mm.
Group of instruments of propulsion machinery.*
Electronic control (smart) of engines.*
Groups of switches for different consumers.
Aft pumps – two pieces.
Three storage batteries*:
— two starter batteries, with capacity of 110 A/h each;
— one ship’s battery, with capacity of 250 A/h.
Shore supply 220 V, with charger and ship socket of 220 V.
Power supply sockets (“cigar lighter”) in quantity of three pieces.
Disconnect switches for each battery chain.
Anchor – mooring arrangement:
anchor electric winch, power 1200 W;
anchor chain, 30 m long;
Bruce anchor – 16 kg;
mooring cleats, in quantity of four pieces;
fairleads, in quantity of four pieces;
aft ladder.
Additional options:

Contact blocks in SSB (small switchboard) and MSB (main switchboard) for connection of consumers:
Navigation instruments:
– chartplotter;
– satellite navigation;
– echosounder;
– sonar.
Radio equipment:
– fixed radio stations of marine and river range;
– satellite telephone.
Fuel tanks.
– additional tanks 60l х 2 pcs.

Technical data

  • Maximum length, m 9,600
  • Length waterline, m 7,125
  • Maximum beam, m 3,630
  • Midships moulded depth, m 1,670
  • Midships clearance, m 0,195
  • Hull draft, m 0,400
  • Full displacement, t/kN 5,600/54917
  • Light displacemen, t/kN 3,600/35304
  • Fuel store, main/additional 800/900
  • Payload, t 2,000
  • Passenger capacity, persons 12
  • Motor power, max., l/kW 600/441
  • Speed, cruising/max., knots 30/45
  • Fuel consumption at operational speed, light/full, l/hour 90/104
  • Cruising range at operational speed, miles 350
  • Distance from the shore not more than 12 nautical miles (22 000 meters)