In July your sledge remember, and repair your ship in December!

Off-season is the best time to extend the product range! Our enterprise started construction of the prototype of Vineta 900 motor boat. It will be the first ship with stationary diesel engine, V-shape hull and a waterjet. It is planned to equip the 9.5-meter boat with a thruster as well as with a cabin with berths designed to accommodate three persons.
Transported cargo weight is up to 3.5 t
Design operational speed of the boat is about 25 knots.
In this project we have shifted away, for the first time, from our favourite trimaran hull lines and have made lines of deep V type. This type of hull lines guarantees more seaworthiness compared to catamaran or trimaran of the same dimensions, approximately by one point.
Our principal task is to get good seakeeping results on such type of a boat with national stationary propulsion waterjet machinery.
Watch the latest news! We shall report on all stages of construction of our new projects.
We are planning to represent our newly developed products at International Maritime Defense Show – 2021, which will take place in Saint Petersburg in the period from the 23th till the 27th of June.